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@Verharven I don't watch daily anymore because it bloody well hurts to see the SP go up but then go down again in a ' short'period of time therefore again showing the amount of manipulation of this untrustworthy company. In other words .....BULLSHIT. (but on a daily basis.) In other words ASIC really needs to be involved, but will this put an end to daily fraud??
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Good Morning from Germany,

some interesting insights. unfortunately this is in German.

Some IMO important information: Markus Boehm from the University of Münster was a scientific consultant for the german benefit institute and Wolgen really fronted him and the German IQWiG for choosing him :D
He said that he lied in his declaration of interest conflicts and that they have legal issues since 2014.

But I don't like that Wolgen really attacked the german joint federal committee. often this leads to conflicts and in the near future, this might come back.

Impressive is the patient experience (see the text in german thread). Furtheremore, they asked for reimbursement of 6 implants like in australia

What are your thoughts?
At first, I was slightly amused but now I am a little bit concerned.
It seems like they were not prepared for this oral hearing. Wondering why they didn't engaged an agency for this oral hearing / process. All in all for me this representation was unprofessional :(.
Very positive was the engagement of physicians, patients and patient representation.

Best regards :)
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