Covid Vaccine

Johnny H

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Has anyone received a covid vaccine yet? If so, which one?

I volunteered for both the Moderna and Pfizer phase III trials, but I was not selected.

I have a chance to get it in a few weeks. Can't wait.
This vaccination program will no doubt be one of the great challenges facing the world. Possibly fair to say that the wealthy countries will progress, as for the those not so ???? From the U.K perspective, many things could have been done better to have better controlled the spread (benefit of hindsight). Especially Care Homes. The vaccine program for the U.K will either make Boris, or break him.

Johnny H

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My dad got his first dose of the vaccine today.

I don't care if I get covid (in fact, I've had direct exposure 5 separate times and not tested positive; my doctor thinks I have cross immunity from a different coronavirus, which is not uncommon for parents with young children).

My biggest concern was accidentally killing my parents, and now that's not an issue anymore.

I'm thankful.
@Johnny H That's some good news. Be mindful that it's about 3 weeks before sufficient immunity is developed within the body. Even then, I believe covid can still be caught, hopefully lessons the symptoms. I have been doing some work for the U.K T&T program and have heard 3 cases who have had the Phyzer vaccine have reactions, non on the Azstra Z vaccine.

Johnny H

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@Chookplucker Thanks.

I have a theory, backed up by zero evidence, that the people who have a bad reaction to the vaccine are the same ones who would have died if they had contracted COVID.
@Johnny H The thing with Covid that i am gleaning, especially with the variants is it is a bit of a lottery as to how it will affect. I have spoken to people 80+ who have very mild symptoms and some in their 40's who are suffering but not quite enough to get into hospital. Kudos to the scientists, far cleverer than I will ever be. As for the 'theory', no comment...:)

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